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Olive Alive

A recommended place for those who can sit under an olive tree and wait

The Olive Alive Estate in Noto is a recommended place for those who can sit under an olive tree and wait … for those who want to get lost following the horizon … for those who can feel the poetry of an ancient land … … for those who are enchanted in front of small details that few perceive … for those who think that humanity belongs to the Cosmos and not to the emptiness of the ephemeral … for those who are moved by a child’s smile.

The Olive Trees


The Nature


Many times, when we walk among the trees of our countryside, a breeze accompanies us and slipping through the branches produces a sound, the voice of the olive trees.

However, what do the olive trees say?

They can say many things to those who listen to them. They talk about life and we listen to them. We bring them respect, the same due to the old wise men; in fact, the olive trees live longer than human beings and are so stubborn to be reborn after the aggression of fire. When we listen to the older ones we know their trunks contain the wisdom of those who have seen and known many generations of humans.

Dominique & Italo

Often I stop to listen to Hercules, an olive tree with a trunk so massive and strong that it seems indestructible. Often it reminds me that life is a miracle, or rather, a series of miracles repeated every moment in the course of our existence.

Just think of everything that moves our body, which makes it act: the muscles, the bone structure, the neurovegetative system, the brain activity … we almost do not realize it and we think that everything is normal. We are no longer able to feel surprised and remain astonished only in front of the end of life, death, but not at its birth and its unfolding.

Human beings think that there is never an end to their existence."

Hercules makes me think.

For thousands of years, perhaps since he began to be Homo sapiens, man has always thought of being in the middle of a system created to please him. Few were the religions and / or philosophies that have tried to place him within a more articulated mechanism, a small gear of a machine as huge and complex as the universe. However, the more the knowledge of things was studied in depth, the more the self-centred pride of man is dissolved against the evidence that is not in the middle of anything but he is part of something immense. Only then does he realize how small he is. This awareness, contrary to what some may think, does not degrade the human being but sharpens the perception of belonging to something immense and produces a subtle sense of fulfilment.

This is what the Latins called plenitude cordis. In the last few years, we have invested our energies in recovering the beauty of nature in our property, for years degraded by neglect and destroyed by fires, where we are looking for this state of mind.

Tenuta Olive Alive

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