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Tenuta Olive Alive

The well-being of guests is the focus of our interests.

The Spa, hidden among the olive trees, is located in an environment of warm, suffused colors and a starry sky. The proposed course supports the physical well-being and helps the mind to get rid of daily tensions.

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Our Spa

The sauna promotes the release of endorphin and dopamine, then, helps relaxation, improves mental and physical balance, promotes sleep and becomes an important treatment for combating rheumatic diseases.


Our Spa

The Turkish bath, also known as the Hammam, is a traditional ritual dedicated to the care of the body and mind that has very ancient origins, particularly in the cultures of Asia Minor and the Middle East.

Whirlpool bathing

Our Spa

The benefits of whirlpool bathing are many and relate, above all, to stimulating peripheral circulation, counteracting water retention, improving skin elasticity, muscle recovery, and procuring a general feeling of relaxation.

Emotional Shower

Our Spa

Emotional showering aims to transform negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, discomfort, and fatigue with positive emotions such as well-being, relaxation, and serenity. The emotional shower is a special practice that combines color therapy, aromatherapy combined with a water jet.

“The Spa path includes exclusive use for one hour of:
Whirlpool bathing, Hammam, Sauna and Emotional Shower."

Would you like to book only the wellness programme?

Tenuta Olive Alive

Those interested in using the Spa can reserve routes by booking exclusively through the site at least one day in advance.
Hotel guests can take advantage of special rates.


“Massage, a very old practice"

The earliest references are found in Chinese manuscripts dating back to 2700 BC


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